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Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

This board can be a great vehicle to get out the OP message, share victories, OJT lessons but people must participate. There are too many posts where the view count is through the roof but no one has responded.

I'm tempted to write something inflammatory just to get a rise out of ya'll ;-)

So do you want me to lead with a Bush or Obama rant?

Seriously, there are a lot of smart, experienced CCers on this board. Please participate!

Headed to bid a job this AM. Look forward seeing more posts.


Centex Green

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

I'm here, but it's my board. Here's a tip. Despite a very healthy 2009, I was finding January very slow going. So I decided to offer a half-price sale on some of my services, via a flier in my local weekly newspaper. I never discount, or offer "deals" so this was a new avenue for me. I just typed up a letter on my letterhead, described my business and what the deal was, and offering to honor it until April 15 (Tax Day!!) I had it printed up on vivid lime green paper. Well, I have been deluged with responses - with the greatest interest in wood floor recoating, which I offered at two-thirds my usual rate. That's why you haven't heard back from me on the autism thing, Mike, as I'm just too tired at the end of these days to focus on it. But I WILL get to it.

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

Hello Mark,

Jan/Feb stunk but I'm getting more hits as I pulled a couple of tricks from my bag. One approach I shared with Jon K was to buy a good mailing list and print up on large envelopes my return address, company and website info, and a "see the special inside" banner. Then I sealed them empty and mailed out the envelopes. People called me like crazy asking why they didn't get their "special". Website traffic spiked and I got good, solid business.

In addition I recently had my CMO create a new "specials" flyer for the website and craigslist. see - She put the word "Free" in the flyer 5x. This attention getting approach is also working because once the person understands the value they're now wanting to get it "free". In this case we are giving each customer a unique ID once they enroll as a "Fan of Centex Green". When they refer another client we track the referral and apply a 10% discount each time. The original customer's cumulative discount can't exceed a value of $300. One thing the customers really dig is that the discount plan is transferable and valid until used. It may sound like a lot of work but it helps build my contact list as well as forces me to be disciplined.

With regards to the autism topic we'll get it back on line later this week, early next.

Best Wishes to All,


Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

I like the empty envelope idea. May have to try that. First, on a limited, sampling kind of basis; then, if response is good, on a wider basis.

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)


Feel free to use the info in my blog when and where needed.

There's no need to use Judson's odor chemicals or quat product to kill odor - decay. One of the kicks I get from OPing is when the customer remarks on the lack of odor (either from cleaning chemicals and/or dirt carpet)

BTW - do you all realize how nasty most of the HWE products are with respect to health?

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

i'm not gonna bash products.

Mike, am i right that you are a chem salesman or manufacturer and you have something to sell?

you have asked alot of questions lately which is good. i havent answered the ones i have an opinion on because they have pretty much all been answered before. use the Search function. use it on this forum, and all the other CC'ing forums. that will help you out a ton.

tx --- Derek

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

I wasn't bashing a product ...just pointing out info for all CCers to consider.

I wear several hats - Carpet and Tile Cleaner, Chem sales guy, Manufacturer.

You're right .... when I search the board there's a lot of content you've contributed and it's clear this board benefits from your expertise.



Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

bah, i aint no expert i've still a lot to learn. many encouraged me to Search as well, and i am glad they did, as there is so much information from past threads.

sorry if i came off rudely.

tx --- Derek.

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

Are you kidding ..rudely? CCing equals very thick skin

I appreciate the straight shooting


Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

I'm looking to get into the business and have sent Mark Dullea 2 emails and have not heard back. Maybe he is on vacation. I know this is the challenger forum but what about the other machines like the HOS Orbot any opinion on what machine does well and has the most capabilities for expanding sources of revenue (floor types, buffing floors, sanding, etc..). Does the heating system provide any real advantage?

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

Hi Joel
I don't recall receiving either e-mails from you. People who have done business with me can attest to my
usual rapid response to both e-mails and phone calls. I will now contact you via e-mail.

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

indeed. Mark is great to deal with

Re: Hello - Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd?)

Hi Mark, maybe I got put into your junk mail. I don't know. I just sent another email. Hopefully it will get to you. I used the email associated with the contact us page on your business site.