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VCT chem

I've been in the Mark Dullea camp and have been using Orbit Natural (sometimes Anomaly which I borrow from a local CCer). Can the Challenger Forum folks chime in if you got a strong opinion on your choice of VCT chem you use and why.

Thanks in advance,


Re: VCT chem

We use Vacaway Encap green as our primary cleaner, people like the smell, even more so now that we usually add the Spot-n-Boost, I have only had trouble with yarn style carpet, I say that because I don't know exactly what type of carpet it is, the carpet is not looped and each yarn size piece is about a half inch tall, can anybody help me out on this one.

Re: VCT chem

Over the years I've bought a lot of product from Bioforce-Envirotech, In Minneapolis. Their website
is In their "EnviroPro" line I like their "Outsolv", "Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner", and the only protector I use is their "Carpet Protector". You can often get Glen Nelson, company president, on the phone. He's great to talk with.