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New spotter

Since I'm on a product roll .... I'm also offering a new spotter for consideration. NSR 1000 is a "0" VOC spotter that uses chelation to make soluble metal and salt based stains. I've tested it on nylon, olefin, poly, natural fibers with inks, wine, dirt, light oil products, coffee, tea, ketchup and a few other stains (sorry no vomit or poop tests planned, yet). The results when I applied it to a cotton towel and blotted were great. While no magic elixir exists to get every stain NSR1000 does a pretty darn good job. Contact me for more info or it you'd like a PDF file showing before and after results.



Re: New spotter

Anyone wanting a sample 2oz bottle of the NSR 1000 spotter e-mail me your mailing address. I ask that you provide feedback in exchange for evaluating my new product.