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New Sealer for T&G, Stone, Concrete Jobs

For all those folks doing tile and grout, stone, and/or concrete jobs I have a new sealer product that you might be interested in using. I’ve been working with a green nano chemistry company to deliver a great sealer … I tested it, use it, love it. The product, NWSR 500, uses nanotechnology molecules that bond themselves to the tile and grout below the surface keeping it looking new and clean. A treated surface repels, water, stains, oils, dirt, and grime like no other product. Being a “green/organic” product it is 0% VOCs and has a 1-0-0-0 HMIS rating (safe). As a comparison the DuPont Stonetech rate a 2-2-0-0 (moderate health and flammability hazard). The junk at Home Depot is based on petroleum distillates and has very high VOC levels

NWSR 500 does not alter slip resistance nor the appearance or texture of the flooring surface. A gallon of NWSR 500 with cover 250-400 sq ft (depending on the porosity of the main tile/stone surface). For those using your Challenger, CIMEX, etc on exterior patio / garage / walkway jobs after your done you can spray apply a densifier first then NWSR to preserve the clean. And get this, NWSR 500 is a UV hardened sealer (2 year+ tests in the central Texas sun show no yellowing or deterioration) and because this is a crosslinking polymer, not a wax, the vendor offers a 3 year warranty if cleaned with basic soap and water. If you want more information drop me a line at The per gallon price is also significantly less than the top end sealer and performs so much better. Win follow on business and referrals by putting NWSR 500 in you arsenal.. It’s working for me