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Marketing Ideas


I thought I'd share my success in leveraging the power of our method.

Several months ago I reached out to the local autism society touting the organic / bio products, low noise equipment, and fast dry times. The response has been nothing short of spectacular. As an example I did a job the other day for a family with an autistic daughter. The parents told me their past experience with steam cleaners left their daughter sick and withdrawn. After I was done the client was 1) amazed with the thoroughness of the clean and 2) the lack of smell and the fact their daughter did not regress as she had dome previously. The word has gone out to this community and I regularly get their business.

In addition I offer a gift certificate for the local chapter to provide their membership once a quarter for a 3 room and a hallway job. I'm glad I can provide such a valuable service and one that clearly validates the low moisture method



Re: Marketing Ideas

Thanks for sharing that. I may want to forward your comments to my fellow Boston College alum, Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie, who lives nearby. You may know that he has an autistic son, and that Doug has started, and continues to fund, the Doug Flutie Foundation for Research into Autism. He and I have met a couple of times in BC fundraising activities.
In fact, I still have a few autographed copies of Doug's autobiography, published when he was winning Canadian Football League MVP titles for several consecutive years.
A copy is available to anyone who makes a $100 contribution to the Maurice V. Dullea S.J. Fund at BC.

Re: Marketing Ideas

Thanks Mark .... By all means please share what you see as relevant to Doug Flutie's attention.

We all need to realize our approach to cleaning carpets has a number of unique features we must use to our advantage for securing clients. At Centex Green I am building a service and product line that is truly "organic/green" and effective. My motivation was born through contact with several veteran CCers and Jan/San guys whose systemic exposure to cleaning products has had a visible and pronounced effect on their health. I figured if I and my coworkers were going to work daily with cleaning products we as well as our customers wouldn't have to experience the same issues.