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What are HWE guys charging for commercial jobs?

What are HWE vendors getting for:

1) Assisted Living Facilities (size?, frequency of clean?)
2) Government jobs / schools (size?, frequency of clean?)
3) Class A office space (size?, frequency of clean?)

Thanks in advance,


Re: What are HWE guys charging for commercial jobs?

Can't speak for the HWE people. I have never gone looking for public sector work. Too much paperwork. I had one assisted living center for a few years until they changed ownership, and the new company performed all work of this type inhouse. This was about a 10,000 s.f. job, performed 2X per years, plus interim goings-over of some of their more heavily trafficked areas. I started at .15/s.f., and went up to .16 a year or two later. The job took about 4 hours with 2 standard Challengers, and an Orbitec CX-20. Most of it was staright encap cleaning, with some follow-up using terrycloth pads in the more soiled areas.