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Used Challenger for sale

I'm involved in two businesses right now, one being carpet cleaning, my family business needs my full-time attention, even though I love the results and customer response to the challenger process, it still surprises me that none of the bigger companies like Sears or Stanley offer it at least as a second option to soaking carpets, anyway selling my equipment, don't mean to step on any toes, I just thought someone who is busy and expanding and needs another challenger and other stuff could use it, or maybe can't afford a new one until they get the ball rollin, and I know this forum to try to help others, anyway I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and can be reached at 4057331992 or

3/4 challenger two years old, used I would say approx. 100 times don't really know, I know it is still in very good shape, they don't really seem to wear much anyway.

stair tool used maybe 20 times

10-20 used pads some newer than others

one pump up sprayer

some vacaway cleaners

tile and grout brush

1250 or best offer pays for itself in 10 appointments or less