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6 inch oscillator

Mark, I am interested in your 6in stair tool. Do you have it listed online? If so, what is the website?

Re: 6 inch oscillator

Magically, it has just appeared online as we speak. On my brand new website, just being announced, (world, are you listening?) The check-out/shopping cart part is not yet quite operative, but you can place an order by phone or e-mail. At the moment, I think I show 3 different 6" stair-type tools there. Right now the one I am able to set up and ship is the one based on the Ryobi product.
I have been testing it on jobs over the last several weeks and I like its ease of use and its ergonomic qualities. I formerly was using a Craftsman, but it has been discontinued.
I also show a Black + Decker on the site, but I've been finding I much prefer the Ryobi (sorry, all you folks who received a B+D)

Re: 6 inch oscillator

I have a B&D and demand an exchange! Just kidding the B&D works fine ... When I expand the business I'll get the new stair tool