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Marble Cleaning and Sealing???

I saw a few posts on marble floor cleaning including Mark's mini-tutorial. However, I was just approached with the following request - "We are looking for someone who can clean and seal marble flooring. It is a couple thousand feet of flooring that needs to be cleaned and sealed."

Given the $5/sq ft number Mark quoted in a previous thread I don't think this client has $10,000 for the work or expects diamond polishing. Has anyone "cleaned" marble floors with a pad only approach and what was used as a cleaning agent and did you seal the stone?

Mike Po

Re: Marble Cleaning and Sealing???

It is not uncommon for people with marble floors in need of polishing, or honing & polishing, to speak in terms of "cleaning" the marble. You don't simply clean your way to a new, shiny marble floor. It is, of course, possible to just clean a marble floor. Get yourself a good quality specialty marble cleaning product, spray some onto the floor, and scrub with a floor machine and absorbent pads. But this may simply result in a clean but still dull and/or scratched marble floor. This is where you either take yourself to a marble refinishing school (there are at least a few), OR, call in a local, experienced, well-recommended marble floor professional to do the job for you. You pay him his rate; the customer pays you whatever the two of you agreed upon.