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Which works best for you and why

Of the two products which works the best for olefin, nylon, acrylic, or wool - Outsolv or EnCap Green?

Thanks for your inputs.


Re: Which works best for you and why

If you know you are dealing with wool (did you do a burn test?) then I wouldn't use OUTSOLV. The pH level is a little high for wool. Use the other Bioforce product, simply labelled "Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner". It has a neutral pH level, which is what you want to use on wool. Otherwise, I'd say any of the products you mentioned would work well on whatever carpet you are cleaning. Unlike HWE cleaning, where the cleaning product itself is an important part of the cleaning equation, I continue to maintain that due to the high level of agitation performed by an OP machine, it (the machine) does the lion's share of the cleaning, with the cleaning product being of minor import.