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What Cleaning Products do you use?

Hello from a "New Guy". I'm Still here lurking. I Actually bought a Challenger package from Mark Last November, but Life has kept me from going full time in this business yet. Have done some Side jobs for friends and family and must say, the CHallenger is an Awesome Machine.
Here's my question, Mark and All.
What Products in the "Natural" and "Green" Category are you using? I'm getting Geared up again and really want to utilize and build my business using
Natural Green type products.
Would love to hear what you all are currently using and your opinion of these products.
Thanks for helping out a Newbie from Upstate NY.

Lance C

Re: What Cleaning Products do you use?

Challenger's Orbit Natural is presented as an all-natural product, and I assume it is. Works fine for me. As do both of the following: Outsolv, from Bioforce-Envirotech ( and Encap-Green, from Vacaway ( Encap-Green does include a polymer (a synthetic rather than a natural element), so if you are using it, I would use the term "bio-based" rather than all-natural. Very few customers will have any trouble with this.

Re: What Cleaning Products do you use?

I was presented with a free gallon of Envirex from CTI

and is bonnet cleaning always done with a dry pad?


Re: What Cleaning Products do you use?

Bonnet cleaning is a term I associate with a rotary floor machine (traditional 175-RPM buffer) and some kind of synthetic fiber pad, or bonnet, like those white rayon or nylon ones with the green stripes across them. As this site deals with orbital/oscillating (OP) machines, we usually talk in terms of "pad" cleaning. A pad is mostly cotton terrycloth, with a far higher level of absorbancy than the synthetic fiber bonnets. A pad may contain some level of synthetic fibers for added strength and durability, but it will be mostly terrycloth cotton.

Pads are usually used damp - immersed in water, then squeezed out either by hand in--or thru a wringer bucket.
I admit I sometimes use them dry, but when I do, I spray my cleaning solution onto the carpet a little more heavily than when I am usuing damp pads. If you are doing a demo for a prospective commercial customer, using the pads dry will result in a much greater visual contrast between the white, unsoiled part of the pad and the part that has been scrubbing the soil out of the carpet.

Re: What Cleaning Products do you use?

thanks Mark

this is good info as i start my CC business