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having trouble with my challenger

My challenger is not spinning like it used to.It also is not staying locked in the upright position.Also I want to take a look at the inside to see what the hell is going on,but i cant remove the wood drive plat can anyone help me?my challenger hasn't had that much use.

Re: having trouble with my challenger

The handle not staying up just happened to me,this happened after I sprayed some cleaner on it to clean it off,it was working just fine till then,adjusted the bolts alittle at the base of the handle let it dry and it was fine.
I thought it was the groove in the foot pedal that was worn at first I guess it just had to dry off.
as for the drive plate and it not spinning good I don't know!

Re: having trouble with my challenger

We had similar issues with our new challenger three years ago...would not stay in upright locked position, would not oscillate correctly...

I had bought recently a "fix" to the upright position problem, cost about $180 w shipping. Didn't help much. I have a sneaking suspicion that there had to be damage during shipping that did something, as most folks are more than pleased with the machine.

As for the oscillation, our drive shaft snapped two weeks ago, again I think there was a problem during shipping years ago, as most have had no issues.

Re: having trouble with my challenger

I have always found the Watsons at Challenger Pad Systems eager to try and assist any Challenger owner with technical problems of this or any sort. I suggest that each of you e-mail Chris and Lee Watson at and individually describe your problem, whether or not your machine is still within the warranty period. I will also e-mail Chris and suggest that they take a look at your posts.