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Visitor from Maryland

In the past I've now & then had people who live not far from me in Massachusetts come by and watch a job or two, to get a better idea of what the Challenger can do. A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from a Jason Tart in Maryland asking if he could come to Mass. and see a few jobs. I said "sure" and made plans for him to arrive in time for 2 jobs on Thursday, Aug. 6 and another 3 on Friday, August 7. He left MD an hour or 2 after midnight early Thursday morning, planning on arriving here in time for my 8:30 appointment in the town of Acton. He never arrived, nor did he make it to my 1:00 appointment in the town of Framingham. He called at about 3PM, just after checking into his Boston hotel, at the end of what turned out to be almost a 13-hour ride. Mapquest has told him it would take about 6 hours, but traffic conditions dictated otherwise.

He did join me for an 8AM appointment on Friday, to see how I go about organizing a wood floors refinishing job. That took until about 9AM. I originally had a mid-morning appointment for him, but it was postponed the day before. Now there was nothing for me to show him until my 3PM appointment Friday afternoon in Lexington. So to fill the day, I took him on a tour of several scenic coastal towns north of Boston, following which we had lunch at the Salem Brewhouse in Salem.

My 3PM appointment in Lexington was a young family just arrived from SF CA and moving into a large house.
We did (actually, Jason did) about 1100 s.f. of W2W carpeting in 4 rooms. At .40/s.f., that produced an invoice of $440 in just slightly over 2 hours. They are also in need of wood floor refinishing, tile & grout cleaning, as well as deck cleaning and resealing, and after submitting proposals in these areas, I may well be able to add to the substantial dollars already generated at this house.

So Jason, if you are reading this, thanks for the help; thanks for buying lunch; and I hope you had a short trip home.