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Cleaning Challenger Pads

I just purchased the 3/4 hp Challenger and am absolutely impressed. But i've only used the pads once and can't get them clean. How clean do they come out for the rest of you?

new carpet guy - needin direction


Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

pads, once used, will never look like they did before use.
they will always show graying.
dont use bleach as this weakens the fibers in the pad.

i try to wash my pads after each use is hot water, then rinse 2x's.

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

thanks, i didn't think they would look new but some are still very soiled. so i imagine i used them to long. others look good.

thanks for the info

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

Sometimes a second washing will remove a great deal of the soil marks. Over time the patterns left by the gliders tend to fade, and the pads themselves become somewhat gray, so the contrast fades. I've been using these pads for years, and this has never been an issue with a customer. I wouldn't worry about it. When you bring a supply of pads into a job, you can always put a totally clean one on top of the pile, then work from the bottom of the pile. The soil markings don't seem to interfere with the ability of the pads to continue to remove soil.

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

my wife cleans them with a generic detergent, but what helps some is she also uses Sodium Percarbonate which we buy from:

i use more than her because i run SP as a booster in my Cimex solution tank at about 2 ounces per gallon of RTU encap's the best booster for Encap'ing that i have found.

she cleans alot of our clothes with SP as a booster, as it is color safe.

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads



Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

The extra material out beyond what is under the pad driver really doesn't clean any carpet, but may do a nice job helping to remove soil from dirty baseboards.
this site is provide solution of this problem.

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

i see this guy above has posted on another of the forums.

is he trying to sell something here? lol

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

Hadan We have a reputation here on the Challenger Forum of reacting badly to people who come on here simply to hype whatever it is that lines their pockets. And Chem-Dry, of all things!! So very last century! Have you no shame? So Hadan - what's your real name?

Re: Cleaning Challenger Pads

Great post, with materials and removal try Spotless Carpets which they are based in Cheshire.