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Sign of the Times? Hotel Changes Over

I've had a customer for several years who owns two hotels in Boston's Brighton area - out by Harvard Stadium if you know the area. One is a standard Days Inn; the other, about a mile away, is the upgraded Days Hotel. I do their lobbies monthly; their hallways and other public spaces twice a year; and the guestrooms once a year.
Even though they charge on the low end for hotels within the city, they found their percentage of occupancy declining over the past year. So when the state of Massachusetts asked them if they would be willing to take in homeless families and others who have experienced financial difficulties, they didn't wait long to agree - especially since the state is paying them more per room per night than they were charging their paying customers.
Now, instead of seeing tourists, parents of area college students, and business travellers when I am there, it's mostly a kind of United Nations of mothers pushing baby strollers. Whites, blacks, Latinas, Asians, etc.: they are all there. Some are part of a couple; others appear to be single moms.
Traditional hotel rules have been set aside; people in the rooms now smoke and cook food on microwaves.
It's a pretty area, with the Charles River across the street, but there's not much for either kids or adults on foot in the immediate vicinity. While I suppose it's better than being homeless, it looks like a tough way to live and raise a family.