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Encap question

Happy New Year to Everyone !

I will be doing a carpet cleaning demo this week at one of the local Hampton Inn hotels using the encapsulation system with my Challlenger. After I finish the demo in one of the rooms, can I assure the General Manager with no doubt, that the carpet will actually look cleaner after 4-5 days, provided they vacuum every day and they put the room out of order so they don't take a chance that somebody will stain the carpet?

Thanks !

Re: Encap question

You should do your demo as PADCAPPING - using a terrycloth pad, not a non-absorbent or semi-absorbent pad, so as to assure maximum soil removal.
Your assurance to him should be that whatever residue ( dried mixture of liquified soil & cleaning solution)
remains in the carpet, it
will be removed via their regularly scheduled vacuuming over the next few days. I would not count on any vacuuming they will be doing making the carpet look better than you are accomplishing during your demo. YOU are the one to achieve the primary visual difference.

Re: Encap question

Thanks Mark !