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More on Diversification of Services

Those of you who have read earlier posts here know that I am an advocate of offering a diversified package of related to your customers, rather than carpet cleaning alone. (see my service business website: I've posted several times on how to add wood floor services.
Recently I've spent time online researching the evolving field of alternative methods of refinishing and polishing floors made of marble and similar natural stone materials, such as limestone and travertine. This work has traditionally been accomplished via heavy "grinding" floor machines fitted with several (usually 6) small diamond
grinding, honing, and polishing "pads". The final step has involved a wet and messy polishing with an acid-based slurry.
Now there are several companies which make a type of diamond-impregnated floor pad, which look pretty much like an ordinary "hair" or "gorilla" pad, which appear to simplify the process significantly.
The US-made pads are known as Monkey Pads ( You can also learn about them at
They are also sold as Eco Pads (
From Sweden's HTC Corporation come Twister Pads
( and from Italy's Klindex Corp, Supershine & Spongelux Pads.
Check 'em out.

Re: More on Diversification of Services

Oops. Left out a word. Top line: after "related" there should be the word "services".