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Has any one seem to think that it is way to slow!

I need to know how to get more buisness.any ideas?I am offering free apartment carpet cleaning, just to show how well the challenger works. I cant seem to get any takers. Are people leary of things that are free?

Re: Has any one seem to think that it is way to slow!

It could possibly seem somewhat suspicious - like a kind of ruse to get into someone's home for the purpose of planning some kind of a heist, or worse.
With the economy in a definite downswing, you might try to come up with something that the customer has to pay for, albeit at a discounted rate, under a set of terms dictated by you. Maybe: "Try our introductory rate: half off our usual rates until President-elect Obama passes his economic stimulus package." That would provide some motivation to the customer to act in the near future to quality for your attractive rate. And she wouldn't be worried that you have designs on her silver and jewelry.

Re: Has any one seem to think that it is way to slow!

I'm not trying to get into someones home. Im trying to establish some bread and butter accounts at apartments,where people are moved out,or empty apartments. I was under the impretion that a economy like this is good for carpet cleaning buisness,like in the 1970's.

Re: Has any one seem to think that it is way to slow!

I'm not all that familiar with the market for cleaning apartment carpeting. My preference is working with property management companies which manage condominium buildings. The quality of work demanded by the unit owners in a condo building will be much higher than in properties operated as rentals, unless they are high-end apartments. Most owners of rental properties are absentees owners, and have directed their property managers to spend as little as possible on such niceties as carpet cleaning. "Just make the place look good enough so that the units get rented". If the owner is actually there, on the premises, or residing in the vicinity nearby, you might have a better chance of selling him something other than low-ball services.

Re: Has any one seem to think that it is way to slow!

Hi Dave,
I went after some Property management accounts this fall. I found that most of them already had a company they were comfortable with. So what I did was tell them I would match what ever price they are paying and ask them to consider me as a back up plan in the event the other cleaner couldn't make it to a job in time. I have had a few of them call me as a result. The good thing about it, is that they will see your results and can compare, you may end up being the go to guy before you know it.

I had no luck in offering FREE demo appt. cleaning. but I found that the person in charge will take you up on a free cleaning if you offer it to THEM at their home.

Here's how I went about it, and it worked..

Call every PM company in town ask if you could e-mail them a price list. introduce your self, give them your price list.

Then call a few days later, tell them you just want to follow up with them in case they have any questions or concerns about doing business with you.

If they are concerned about quality, offer a free cleaning for them at THEIR home.

If they say your price is to high, tell them you will match what they are currently paying.

If they say they love the cleaner they already have, ask them to consider you as a back up.

These are low paying accounts BUT they are good steady work and will keep you in business until you build a better client list. Some of these Property management accounts
really suck though as they handle low income (ghetto) rentals, these are NOT worth doing. The filth is unbelievable. I got one like that and I had to fire them.
good luck in your efforts!

BTW Dave, I think it is normal to be slow this time of year, hang in there things will pick up in a month or 2.

Re: Has any one seem to think that it is way to slow!

I used to offer demos to apartment complexes and thought things turned out alright, I would just make sure that you have a good idea that you are still selling them a demo even though it is free, you should start out by asking them, "Do you know who currently cleans your carpets?" after they reply, you ask, "do you know if they use steam cleaning" after they reply, "Great! Well, we use a low moisture method which uses a lot less water with better results, we are offering free demos in your area. Do you have a unit available?" if they say yes set it up and fax a price list, if they say not right now, then ask for the fax number and send a price list, if they say they are happy with who they are using, I think the other post about asking to be the backup is a great idea, I never thought of that. Keep in mind that at the beginning you are just building a prospect list, a list of people's names who make the decision on who cleans the carpet and when is a good time to call back if they do not want a demo immediately, which will happen. Anyway, if they say yes you send them a price list and go do the demo, and lock down the customer, remember to call them back after the demo, and as you build you prospect list with names and fax numbers, send them a free demo offer every month and a price list, and the names of other apartments who have signed on, of course with their permission.