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First week

Mark this is my first week.

2 Bedrooms and a rug $100.00
2 BR apartment $70.00
2 BR apartment $70.00
2 BR appointment and Kitchen Tile $100.00

$70.00 is the going rate on these apartments. They are really small, senior living only. I told the landlord $70.00 is my minimum whether they are 1 or 2 bedrooms.

One of the apartments was a redo from a few weeks before from another cleaner. The tenant said her grandkids socks kept getting dirty walking on the tile.

Total time 6 hours

2 more scheduled for Saturday.

Your thoughts welcome. Thank you for your help.

Re: First week

That looks like $340 grossed in 6 hours time, or about $62 per hour. I'm guessing that this included the time you spent moving around from one apartment to another, which will be unproductive and drag down your gross $$ per hour. For a comparable volume of floor area all in one place, your numbers should show an increase.