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Final decision mode for a newbee

Hi all
I am in the final decision mode, actually have made my decision, with Mark's Challenger package. Mark is great guy and very personable. I liked him from the moment I met him.

I just have a couple of questions from browsing this board.

What is "CGD"? I have read this abbreviation many times and it would help understand the questions and answers posted much better.

In discussion boards all over I read about encap and the fine particles left behind for future vacuuming. Is there an advantage/disadvantage/ benefit to vacuuming after the cleaning process is complete?

I will be placing my order with Mark in the very near future.

Thanks in advance

Re: Final decision mode for a newbee

I'm a newbie too Peter, just bought a challenger package from Mark a Month or so ago. It's a great Package and yes, Mark is very helpful and always there for you to help you get up and running.
The Package was shipped promptly and the Challenger is a GREAT machine.

CGD by the way is Commercial Glue Down, the short stuff you see in office buildings, restaurants, etc.
(I don't know a lot yet, but I know CGD)

You've made a great choice in my opinion, congrats!


Re: Final decision mode for a newbee

Peter, i only post vac on some resi jobs...never on commercial / CGD.

but i only post-vac because of what the agitation of the OP sometimes brings to the surface of the carpet, not because of Encap and anything it leaves behind.

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Final decision mode for a newbee

Some encap products are not supposed to be vacuumed until at least 24 hours after the cleaning has occurred, due to their need to "cure" fully (give up all of their moisture) Also, many vacuum cleaners will very quickly clog up if you try to vac up stuff that's still damp.

Re: Final decision mode for a newbee

what Mark said is true.

the only vacuum i have found to work well and not clog up when i post-vac resi carpet, is my yellow DC07 Dyson.

if it did clog, then it would teach me that i am leaving the carpet too wet by applying too much pre-spray or leaving the pads too wet and not wringing them out enough.