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Benefits of Barter

In my Training Manual, I suggest that joining a barter organization in your area is a good way both to build and to continue operating your business. The barter, or "trade" exchange sends you customers you wouldn't ordinarily get, who pay you in trade dollars. With these "trade" dollars, you can then buy a wide variety of items and services from fellow members. I use most of my trade dollars in my business, for such items as graphic design, printing, advertising, my phone answering service, etc. But a wonderful estate jewelry business in my area is also a member. Every year I go there a few weeks before Christmas and pick out a nice piece of jewelry for my wife. All have been very well received. This year I just bought a beautiful Baume & Mercier gold ladies watch for her for $1000 - in barter dollars. Baume & Mercier watches have a list price new of around $2000 and up. So join a trade exchange today, and keep the home fires burning bright!