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First Carpet Gig - Tough Clients

Very Tough...... My Wife and 8 Year old Son!
I Put my Challenger to the test on our Gray Wall to Wall carpet which starts in our well travelled Living room and continues down the hallway leading to the bathroom and 3 bedrooms. This carpet is about years old and had a pretty good "travel Lane" in it.
We had it cleaned once about 4-5 years ago with HWE
(back before I had ever even heard of OP), so it was quite ready for a cleaning.
I used the Orbit Natural that came with the challenger, as well as the 10 pads. I used the medium glider for this, not sure yet, what the results would be. I used up all 10 pads, washed them and used em all up again, to go over the entire carpeted area.
After some Coaching from Mark, I went back at the "traffic lane" with some wetter pads and the "Holy" glider and then followed up with some dry pads. All I can say is WOW, what a clean carpet we have now! My Wife was thrilled at the results and my son, walked into the living room from the kitchen barefoot and said "Wow this carpet feels so soft!"
It really does have a new "feel" to it under foot, I Couldn't believe it myself.
Next, I have to attack some CGD at my Restaurant, that is about 3 years overdue for a cleaning.
That will be a challenge I know, but I have faith now that the Challenger will Make a big difference and do the job as well as it can be done.

Thanks for all the good advice from all of you OP Veterans on this board. I appreciate it.

"Comfort's Cleaner Carpets"

Re: First Carpet Gig - Tough Clients

Very nice.

What is your cuisine?

Re: First Carpet Gig - Tough Clients

Way to go, Lance!