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Carpet Identification?

Another Newbie Question .....
Are there any books or reference materials out there on how to identify carpet types? (Nylon, loop, cotton, etc. etc.) for us newbies?
I don't know how many different make ups there are, but it seems that quite a few get mentioned on all the different forums out there.

Thanks for the education,

Re: Carpet Identification?

You can take the IICRC carpet cleaning tech course and they will go over it with you. There are videos on this topic as well thru the suppliers. You can also go to your local home depot and "act" as a homeowner looking to buy carpet, ask for samples and lots of questions, sometimes you will get someone that knows their fiber identification.

Re: Carpet Identification?

i honestly dont know myself what i clean. unless it smells like wet-dog, then i know it is wool.

i just use a safe cleaner like Punch and i dont have to worry.

Re: Carpet Identification?

Ditto what Derek said. Wool absorbs your spray faster. Synthetics feel wet longer.