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Challenger ARRIVED!

It Arrived! Got my 3/4 H.P. Challenger, T&G Brush and ALL the other goodies from Mark and Challenger.
Thank you, Mark and Challenger for the efficient shipping and Great Customer Support. I really appreciate it.
Mark, as we're playing "phone tag", I have a question I'll post here:

With the products I have on hand now, (Orbit, Release-it, as well as the sample package From Steve Smith),
which would you use to do a section of Trashed out CGD? I have the 10 pads from Challenger, PLUS I bought 5 and 5 of the Fibermax and Fiberplus pads which I do have on hand now, Also the Green Stripe pad that you include with your package. So, with those products on Inventory, what would you suggest?

Thanks Again,

P.S. Wifey cant wait for me to clean our own Wall to Wall carpet, just in time for Thanksgiving.....

Re: Challenger ARRIVED!

I'm not Mark, but i do have a challenger.

Keep in mind the fiber pads will be too rough on resi carpet, you could use it on berber, but id advised customer first, try to pre-qualify them, for really dirty berbers the strip green bonnets will do a good job getting in between the yarns.

Commercial - i've had good success with Encap Green from Vacaway. If you don't intend to padcap cgd than use your fiber pads with release-it ds or encap green, alot of guys start with the fibers pads, than follow by a cotton or another pad that actually absorbs dirt.

Re: Challenger ARRIVED!

congrats on your new toy

i recommend for a demo n CGD that you use the Fiber MAX pads with the Releasit Encap Clean.

if after that you still wanna get it a little cleaner, throw a dry cotton pad down and QUICKLY go over it dry. don't get the carpet too wet. the less encap solution the better.

when i was new i always over applied it, and the jobs suffered for it.

that's it, done.

Re: Challenger ARRIVED!

Lance, I hope you got the phone message I left you on the subject.

Re: Challenger ARRIVED!

Thank you Bill, Derek and Mark for the advice, It helps a lot for a newbie like me to get feedback on this forum from people in the know. Will be tackling this CGD within this week. Mark, I missed your voicemail, BUT retrieved it this morning and listened to it. Thank you for the detailed return call, I believe I'm ready to tackle this job now with confidence.
This forum is a great source of info, (with no junk posts thank you very much)