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Encap Product

Has anybody tried Encap-Hydrox from Excellent Supply? A placed an order today for some fiber plus pads and they highly suggested to get a case. I usually don't like to buy products unless I try a sample first. They did not have any.


Re: Encap Product

Worked great for us so far...Its just not compatible with their other products as far as cyrstalizing goes...will mess up the process if mixed (ie prespraying with the Punch, then following up with Hydrox in our Mex.)

As far as just spraying and OPing no problems at all...

Re: Encap Product

You can buy it by the gallon as well, online it says case only, just call them up. Only thing with that is that you'll like it, and the dilution is high so you might go thru the stuff quick.

Great product, i use it as a spotter over their encapspot now.