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Carpet Cleaning: A Counter-cyclical Industry?

During the past few weeks, as the nation's, and much of the world's economy has been collapsing all around us, I been having to watch the value of the stocks in my SEP-IRA spiral ever downward. Yet, I have decidedly NOT been having the same experience with regard to my business. Here are the invoice totals from just some of my jobs over the last couple of weeks: $657; $326; $824; $408; $621; $1872; $402;
$775; $503; $483; $446; $468; $509; $310; $355; $278; $598; $353; and $392. Perhaps this field is actually COUNTER-CYCLICAL, as people opt to keep and maintain what they already own rather than buy new items. I've gone Google-searching for info on this subject, but haven't found anything specifically dealing with the cleaning of carpets and related items.

Re: Carpet Cleaning: A Counter-cyclical Industry?


What would is the percentage ratio of those invoices were between commercial and residential? Thanks

Re: Carpet Cleaning: A Counter-cyclical Industry?

Only 3 commercial jobs in there: the $1872 one, and a couple of those in the $400's.