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Does anybody use the Challenger stair tool on upholstery, I am getting a lot of request on cleaning upholstery, but the information I have found on the internet seems confusing, and the equipment I have seen is pretty expensive, and if not the stair tool, what is good equipment to use, and where can I get information on application, thanks.

Re: Upholstery

The stair tool on the Challenger website (sells for approx. $300) is not intended for use on upholstery. I think you would quickly become tired trying to maneuver it, especially on vertical surfaces. On some of my own upholstery cleaning jobs, I use the smaller & lighter stair tool that I include in my "Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business" package
( I use it with both the pads which I supply with my stair tool, as well as with the slightly larger white bonnets sold at the Oreck stores. On upholstery with less than firm cushions, pillows, etc., I have evolved my own handcleaning method. Most people in the carpet cleaning business who also offer upholstery cleaning do so via a small portable extractor.

Re: Upholstery

We have found the same. We've tried to use both hand-tools that Mark discussed, but have decided to use a portable extractor (still using all natural solutions). Getting into corners and around bends on furniture is difficult at best using the op machines. We've also cleaned by hand, but prefer not to unless the job is paying extremely well and the furniture is extremely delicate (such as hatian cotton). Hope this helps.