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Tile & grout Brush

Where can I purchase the tile & grout brush for the challager?

Also What are the best cleaners & sealers and where can I purchase them.

Bill Y.

Re: Tile & grout Brush

The Challenger T&G brush is listed on the "Price List" page of the Challenger website, referred to there as "Grout Brush". Click on it to read about it & how to use it. Then call the Challenger toll-free number - 877-446-5887 - anyday between 9 and 5, CST. Or e-mail them at

The Home Depot TILE LAB line of stone & grout cleaners and sealants seems to work just fine, or you can go to any specialty marble & granite retailer in your area. They always carry one or more lines of these products as well, although probably at a greater mark-up.