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New Webdesign

Hello,everyone check out my new web design,If anyone needs a new design,I can get you a good discount.

Re: New Webdesign

So is the name of the company "Organic Carpet Care"? It kind of looks like a franchise. Certainly a pretty website, but if I recall you're using Environ which certainly wouldn't fall under the category of Organic, though it may well be "green".

Not a lot of info about carpet cleaning though, method, pricing or any of that, but a lot of teasers to get them to pick up the phone. I take it that was intentional though?

Re: New Webdesign

Its not a franchise its just me.and the environ is all zero's on the MSDS sheet,I do use a few other product i use is dfc 105 buy chemspec.

Re: New Webdesign

MiKe, I have the msds for environ and it has a 1 health rating, maybe they changed the formula?

Re: New Webdesign

I would have to agree with Grant on this one. People in the business of growing certified organic produce are very concerned with people who don't take the same pains as they do. As a result, the word "organic" has become overused, and is losing the strong image it once had. A recent story, widely reported in the mainstream press, had Walmart touting "organic" food products, which actually were imports from China, where anything goes, and no one keeps a close watch on how food is grown and processed. Look at the current Chinese mess now going on re. chemicals in milk and other milk products.

I would suggest replacing the word "organic" with something like "natural", "chemical-free", "bio-based", "vegetable-based" or something along those lines. OR, find a cleaning product that actually is made from certified organic products, and substitute it for what you currently are using.