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Multi-cultural mix

One day (Friday) I'm doing a job at a Bhuddist temple and cultural center; the next day I'm doing a job at an Islamic mosque and cultural center. You gotta love the diversity this business offers.

The Bhuddist temple has been a customer for over 10 years. Natural cleaning is a must with them. The mosque job came about as a result of a phone call I received on Friday afternoon from a very upset woman who does the cleaning for the mosque. She explained that the person she uses to do her carpet cleaning had cancelled on her at the last moment, with no explanation. I asked her what was the size of the job. About 4000 s.f. she told me. I asked her how much she had planned to pay for the work, and she said $200. I told her no way do I work for .05 per sq. ft., especially on short notice, on a holiday weekend. She called back in about an hour, and said she had been authorized to pay .10/s.f. To help her out, I agreed to do the job. Working alone, with my Orbitec CX-20, it took about 3 hours, so it wasn't a bad day's pay at about $135/hour. Plus, I'd never been in a mosque before.