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Sisal Carpet

Hi Mark,

I have an upcoming job where I need to clean sisal carpet?

Can you share some tips on how to clean it?


Re: Sisal Carpet

You need to find out first if it is real sisal (kind of a grass product) or a synthetic. I would then try to find out the name of the manufacturer, contact them, and find out what they recommend. It may or may not be a method you have any expertise or equipment for using on it. You may well just want to tell customers that you don't clean sisal rugs.

Re: Sisal Carpet

Follow-up to my previous post: I've tried cleaning sisal carpeting a couple of times, with little to no success. Now I just pass on them. But I'm always ready & willing to learn, if someone here knows a good (and safe) cleaning method. Maybe once every 2 or 3 years do I get a call from someone with sisal.

Re: Sisal Carpet


I dediced to give it a try anyway.

Before getting to my customer's premises, I told the owner that I had to see the sisal carpet first and then make a decision if I could clean it or not. My main concern was if this carpet was well attached to the floor or not. I then used the medium glider with my terry cloth and pre-sprayed orbit natural and tried it in a small area. It worked great ! I was able to pick up a lot of dirt and the customer was very pleased with the results. One word of caution: Don't use any spot cleaners on this type of carpet since sisal is very sensitive to harsh chemicals. Customer was advised that I would not be able to get rid of these stains.

Re: Sisal Carpet

Congratulations on your good results.