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Encourage for those "on the fence"

Yesterday brought in just over $1700, from a day care center (800 s.f. @ .25) and a funeral home (4700 s.f. @ .20, plus some stairs, plus fiber protection). And this was working alone, as both of the guys I use as helpers on commercial jobs were unavailable. I had already turned down the funeral director once (his place was available on 2 days notice, but I wasn't) and he was a first-time customer. So I figured I'd better just go and do the job myself, or he might go with another of the three proposals he had told me he was seeking. During my time there, he told me that mine was the most expensive of the 3 proposals, but that he had heard "great things" about me from one of his funeral director colleagues in another town. This is why it pays to search out and play a "niche" industry, one small enough for the decision-makers to know each other. Many of these guys work on each other's funerals on a kind of barter basis, so they are in frequent one-on-one contact. "So Charlie, who should I use use to clean my carpets? Whoa! Didn't mean to drop the casket. Sorry."

Re: Encourage for those "on the fence"

I meant to say "Encouragement".

Re: Encourage for those "on the fence"

Awesome Mark ! What kind of fiber protector did you use? I am assuming you encapsulated; does it make sense to use a fiber protector with encapsulation?

Re: Encourage for those "on the fence"

Awesome Mark. But tell me the truth, was It a little wired cleaning your first funeral home? Have you ever had to clean around a corpse?

Re: Encourage for those "on the fence"


I have the same question as Gus, i assume you padcapped or just str8 encap? I was told when you encap it is just not worth doing carpet protection.

Id like to go into funeral homes myself, but for some reason i also get that creppy feeling like im gonna run into dead people! lol

Re: Encourage for those "on the fence"

Working in funeral homes can take a little getting used to. If there are one or more open caskets on the premises, perhaps they can roll them to another room, OR, you just work around them. Usually this work is scheduled when no wakes are going on. You definitely DON'T want to mistakenly walk into what they call the Preparation Room. (Use your imagination.)

This was not an encap job. Since the owner wanted carpet protector applied throughout, I was a little uneasy about applying it over a cleaning product designed to flake off the fiber and be vacuumed away.
I used the Bioforce product "Outsolv" to clean, and their "Carpet Protector" as the after-spray. I used my Orbitec CX-20 (with terrycloth pads) to clean. Then I sprayed on the protectant and agitated it in with the same machine, using a nonabsorbent fiberplus pad. The protectant part went pretty quickly, since when doing the scrub-in part, you just push the machine as past as it will go.