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encap green

1)What is the difference between the "Encap only method" and "Padcapping", and I am confused about 2)when vacuuming is needed, why do the directions alway say when the carpet is dry or the next vacuuming interval, exactly how noticable is the encapsulated soil directly after drying, I would really like to use this product, but would appreciate some heads up advice, 3)such as Encap vs. Natural Orbit OP cleaning, 4)what do you usually explain to the customer about left over capulated soil, and 4)is a certain method better to use in different cases, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Re: encap green

Padcapping is done with an absorbent terrycloth pad, so you remove much of the loosened/liquified soil as you go along. "Straight" encapping is done with a non-absorbent pad, leaving all of the dried residue to be removed later (usually by the owner) during vacuuming. If a carpet is heavily soiled, it will look better (lighter, brighter) is you use an absorbent pad, but in all likelihood will look OK to the customer even if you just use a non-absorbent pad. It's kind of up to you, and your own standards of what the results of your efforts should look like.