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1st Ecap Job

Hello To All,

Special thanks to Mark for answering my questions about Encapsulation last night.

A friend of mine who is a pastor has asked me to clean the carpet at his church. He has 30K sq ft and we have not discussed pricing yet. I have not seen the condition of the carpet yet. He also wants me to clean 2000 seats. I am planning to use vacaway's encap green and fiber plus pads from Excellent supply for cleaning carpet along with my Challenger. For the upholstered seat I'll use the Von Shrader Spirit machine. I will hire a person to do the seat cleaning and pre-spray)

A few questions:

1. How much should I charge per seat and per sq ft? This market is a "low income city" and you can find a lot of carpet cleaners who will low ball in order to get the business.

2. Any other things I need to consider before or during this service ( additional supplies, equipment,etc)
Thanks !

Re: 1st Ecap Job

Gus, I would consider using your orbital stair tool with an encap solution for the 2000 chairs. It will take you forever to do it with the Von Shrader, and your arm might fall off :)

Re: 1st Ecap Job

I recently did 200 din. rm. chair seats for a country club customer. I charged $3.50 per chair, grossing $700 for the job. I started at 8AM, and finished at just about noon, for a per-hour gross of about $175.

Maybe you could do a dry run (wet run?) of 10 or 20 seats to get a feeling for how long it will take to do them all. Then decide how much you think you would want to make per hour for this work, then do the math and quote the Reverend a rate. If he hesitates, ask him for a counter-offer.

Re: 1st Ecap Job


Forgot to ask you if you used the stair tool to clean these 2000 chairs?


Re: 1st Ecap Job

I meant to say, 200 chairs ...

Re: 1st ENcap Job

for upholstery:

yea dont use that VS machine, i heard they are cumbersome!!

i've tried my stair op tool and for me, it is just TOO clunky and heavy. for 2000 chairs, a stair OP tool??????

yea right!!

i bought a Cyclo Polisher and have been using it on all my commercial upholstery for the past 18 months. works great and is easy to use...MUCH lighter than a stair OP tool.

step 1) prespray your encap of choice (not an encap that needs to be extracted, like Punch);

step 2)scrub in with your Cyclo and the white or aqua brush heads that come with it;

step 3)wipe down with a towel and you're done.

takes me 45 seconds per chair. do them 10 - 20 at a time. for example, the first 20 chairs do step 1, then go back and do step 2 to all 20, then go back and do step 3.

ebay has these Cyclo's:

or here is where i bought mine, the cheapest price for a new one on the 'net:

and you will need the 3 set's of scrub brushes for various aggressiveness:

Re: 1st Ecap Job

I wonder, have you also found it usefull for stairs?

Re: 1st Ecap Job

To Derek: I was referring to the lightweight 6" stairtool that I include in my Challenger Package, not the heavy 11" one sold by Challenger and others.