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Thanks Mark D.

Just wanted to drop a quick "Thank you" to Mark D. for spending some time with me on the phone to answer some questions about the challenger and the CC industry in general. I'm getting very close to entering into this industry and starting a business of my own and really appreciate the information.
Much Thanks,


Re: Thanks Mark D.

Thanks, Lance. Just trying to help.

Hey, everyone out there in Challenger Forum-Land:
Let's see if we can come up with a cute (but not TOO cute) name for Lance's upcoming c.c. business. I'll start: How about...

...Lance's "Clean-A-Lot" (a subtle riff on Lancelot?)

...Aid & Comfort Carpet Cleaning?

...Comfort-Able Carpet Cleaning?

Now it's someone else's turn.

Re: Thanks Mark D.

Bring on the suggestions! I am trying to come up with a catchy name, and with my last name being COMFORT, I am trying to use that in the business name.

I am trying to think of a way to incorporate "Green" or some reference to using environmentally friendly, "Green" products.

Looking Forward,

Re: Thanks Mark D.

Natural Comfort Carpet Cleaning

Re: Thanks Mark D.

Just something to consider. When I picked my name I used my city name. All my marketing including my van has my tagline on it. So my name "Bellingham Carpet & Floor Cleaners" is generic and just says what I do, but my tagline "The GREEN Carpet Cleaners" says how. The city name helps your internet people find you, and helps your site rise to the top of google searches for terms such as say 'Carpet cleaning + bellingham'.

Re: Thanks Mark D.

COMFORT ZONE Natural Carpet Care or

"All-Natural for Your Good Health"

Re: Thanks Mark D.

"All-Natural for Your Good Health"

I like that one alot.
I was also thinking of just
Comfort Carpet Care (CCC)
But I kinda like the "Zone" in there.
I really appreciate all the feedback. Keep em comin'
if you don't mind.