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Odor in carpet

I have a case where the customer's washer leaked and soaked the carpet in their bedroom. They have had problems with the odor. What would you reccomend to get rid of the odor? I heard there is some type of oil???

Re: Odor in carpet

If this leaking was for sure a one-time occurrance, then the smell should go away after everything is fully dried out. If, on the other hand, water continues to leak into this area, it will never dry out, and the smell will continue indefinitely. They may want to find out about this for sure, by having someone who knows what they're doing come in and lift up the carpet in the affected area, so as to see the condition of things underneath, or just to hasten the drying out, IF the leak has been stopped. Then, when everything is dry - the base of the carpet; the pad; and the wood floor - the carpet should be tacked back in place. Does this sound like something you could do? If so, then you can charge them for your time involved, at whatever rate you think is fair, and to which they agree in advance.