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Stair machine

Mark, do you sell a replacement pad for the stair machine that comes with your package? The foam on mine came apart. I Gorilla glued in back together, but it is separating again.

P.S. The Challenger Pad System is a money making machine. Since I have added this service to my business, many of my clients have used it.

P.P.S. Start a customer referral program that rewards your customers for doing this for you! This little technique has my clients telling more of their family and friends about my service. I wish that I had done this a couple of years ago!

Re: Stair machine

Glad to hear of your success, Jerry. It's great when people like you post successful marketing techniques here on the Challenger Forum, so that everyone can learn from them.

Re. the stair tool: when the foam head breaks down, or in some cases comes entirely apart from the firmer base material, I slice it all off as evenly as possible. I use a very sharp serrated bread knife. Then, using Gorilla Glue, I glue a new velcro circle to the base.
It stays on & cleans just fine. Do you still have the same shipping address as when you bought the Package? If you do, I will send you a new piece of velcro - no charge.

Re: Stair machine

Yes, my address is still the same. Thanks for the help!

Re: Stair machine

Oh and where do you get the foam to attach to the firmer base?

Re: Stair machine

The foam head is part of the tool when I buy it.
I have sometimes glued the velcro directly to the foam itself. At other times I have sliced the foam off the new tool, and glued the velcro to the firmer underlying material (some kind of plastic or rubber). The result seems to work fine either way.