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I have been using the Challenger machine for about 4 months and my customers are very pleased with the results. The service I have received from the manufacturer is awesome. Keep up the good work !

Since I am not doing jobs on a daily basis, after I wash the pads I store them in a bucket with water and after a few days they have this musty / damp smell. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Thanks !

Re: Pads

I know there are people who advise keeping pads wet after washing, but I would not do this unless I was going to be using them the very next day. There are also people who advise not to dry pads in a clothes dryer, since they say this (the heat?) will weaken them. I've been drying my pads in a clothes dryer for years with absolutely no problem. Or, rig up a clothesline in your basement (or wherever you have some space) and let them hang there until they are dry. Perhaps you could speed up this process by running a fan near them. Or, if you live in an area where there is little chance of a rainstore getting them wet all over again, hang them up to dry outside.
Continuing to leave them wet in a bucket for several days at a time will rot them out fast, and worse, will end up possibly filling where you live with unhealthy mold spores. Plus, they'll smell bad when you carry them into a customer's house.

Re: Pads

Thanks Mark.

Can anybody please comment on the advantages and disadvantages of the following pads:

1. Challenger Pads
2. Gladiator Pads from Carpet Care Systems
3. Cotton Pads from Argo and Co.
4. Orbitec Pads

Thanks a lot !

Re: Pads

1. Challenger pads seem to be about the thinnest, and have a small component of synthetic fibers, for strength.

2. I have not seen or used Gladiator pads.

3. Argo pads can be made up in any size, and you have a choice of single-ply or 2-ply pads. Argo pads are 100% cotton.

4. Orbitec sells single-ply pads with some synthetic fibers for added strength. They tend to be thicker than pads I have received from Challenger.

Re: Pads


I got on the Argo site to try to order pads for my challenger, and saw no option to order on line.

Do I need to call them to order pads?

Please advise

Re: Pads

With Argo, you have to do business over the phone.
Their website - actually, their whole marketing program - is more than a little antiquated. When a shipment of any of their products arrives, it is stuffed with various sheets, pamphlets, and mini-brochures that all look as if they were prepared and printed 30 years ago.