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Thanks Mark

I want to say thanks to Mark, I use a lot of your points to market and have got a good response so far, I am brand new to this biz, but I get a lot out of your forum, and I am impressed by the way you market, I hope to be of help to others on the forum and also learn from them, like you say, we all are basically in this together, and if you sell cleaning products I would like to do some biz, I messaged you about it before, however I am unsure of how to order, and the price list, thanks.

Re: Thanks Mark

I don't sell cleaning products, other than the original gallon of Orbit Natural concentrate that comes with each Challenger shipment. I am basically a dealer for Challenger's line of machines, and I work in the same capacity for Orbitec (
For renewing your supply of cleaning product, I send people to Challenger ( for Orbit Natural; to Bioforce ( for Outsolve, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, and Carpet Protector; and to Vacaway ( for a variety of encap products, including their new, bio-based Encap-Green, and their encapsulating spotters.
Another good choice is Excellent-Supply
( for Releasit DS, Encap Punch, and Encap Spot.