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Hiring Part-Time help...

Forgive me for all the new posts, I have tons of questions. I’m a mechanical designer by trade and as I’m working, thoughts just pop into my head and I have to jot them down.

I was thinking, when I launch my part-time CC business and in the effort to not lose any business due to my full-time work schedule (I do want to make money), would it be feasible to hire a part-time guy, like a Firefighter (whose work schedule is somewhat flexible) , to handle my res. accounts during normal working hours on a by needed basis?

I would certainly pay him/her a percentage of the amount of each jobs completed. I could also encourage him/her to help market the business, the more business we get the more money he gets…it’s a win-win situation.

If this is a good idea, what percentage would you guys consider fair?

Thanks Guys,

Re: Hiring Part-Time help...

10-15% if percentage or more to start.

If it was my employee and if he was to actually be busy all week 30-40 hours/week, i'd pay him $15-$20/hour. That's if you think he's a good worker, can talk to people, reliable, etc. 2 jobs a week pays for his paycheck.

Re: Hiring Part-Time help...

If you manage to get a firefighter, or someone whom you could assume would be comparably reliant, I don't think 10 to 15% of a job is going to be sufficient. I think you would need to get up to aroun 35 to 40%. Some people might go as far as to split the jobs' income equally. You might find a firefighter who is also going to be an effective marketing person, but you might do better looking locally for someone who has some kind of marketing background, and is now a.) retired b.) out of work, or c.) perhaps taking care of children at home.