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What's in a name?

Obviously from what I’ve read, a good Marketing strategy is the key to any successful business. Should a business name and catch phrase be considered a key element in a Marketing Strategy?

Other than services offered and marketing the benefits of the Challenger; I’ve really been brainstorming business names and catch phrases that may appeal to my prospective customers. Something other than “[Your Name] Carpet Care”. A name that will set me apart or stand-out from the competition.

For those of you already in the business, how important is it to have a good, “eye catching” name and Logo for a CC Business?

Thanks guys,

Re: What's in a name?

I started calling my business "Drysdale's Carpet Care" in the early 90's, wanting to connect customers with my low-moisture, rapid-dry approach to carpet cleaning. But I think it's too subtle. Most people don't "get it". (They sometimes make their checks payable to Mark Drysdale, who doesn't exist.)

I started offering natural cleaning products about 10 years ago, and started calling it "Drysdale's All-
Natural Carpet Care, which is easy to understand, and gets a better response than does Drysdale's alone. If I were naming it today, I might go with "Greendale's" or "Clean Naturally" or something like that.