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Guerilla Marketing

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for pointing it out about Jay Levinson's books! I must say that after reading numerous books from many good writers like mike gerber, robert kiyosaki, trump, n others, I am "stoked" about Jay's books!

I would recommend all his books to anyone that is really serious about "thinking out of the box" when it comes to advertising/marketing, you do NOT know enough till you've read Jay's Guerilla Marketing books. This is coming from someone who spends counteless hours learning about marketing and new idead to implement.



Re: Guerilla Marketing

Glad you agree with me on this. I've been urging people to get familiar with the GM approach for years. There are too many ideas there to possibly do them all. But just focus on the few that seem to mesh best with your own community, and your own comfort level, and go with them.