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Hello Board!

Hi guys just thought I’d drop a post introducing myself. I’m a late bloomer to the CC biz; and really I’m just looking for a little supplemental income on a part-time basis. I’m not looking at getting rich, but I’d be ecstatic if after 6 months I was clearing around 1,000 bucks a month in profit…I hope that’s not unreasonable, but you have to set goals. Then again, if after a few years I hang in there and seem like I’m turning a good profit I may rethink my biz strategy and live the American dream and work for myself. I have 3 kids 2 boys…7, 3 and a girl that's and it would be awesome to build a little company that they could build upon one day.

I’ve been reading through every post of this board for two days now (made it to page 4) and I already have almost 10 pages of notes (I’m a complete newbie who’s absolutely illiterate in CC’ing, but I like a challenge and thanks to this board I’m soaking everything in and am getting excited).

If all goes well, I’d like to launch my part-time business next spring of ’09. I’d like to save the money and buy what I need without a loan to pay back. That way if I fail, I won’t have to endure monthly payments on something that’s not working out. Plus I used to rush into things, but now that I’m a little older, I tend to think things through and I need to develop a good game plan, if this is going to be successful. My wife is supportive and will play an integral part; she’s the brains and has the interpersonal skills that I believe will secure some accounts, she’s very personable. We live in Wichita, KS and are originally from Middle Tennessee. We want to harness our Southern hospitality into our business.

Anyway, I look forward to learning more from everyone and bugging everyone with questions. I will say that the Challenger’s performance and from the product support, I have read has sold me on the system. I was planning on starting out with a portable HWE and was thinking about how I (or my wife if need be) was going to maneuver this big system, any household electrical issues and how I was going to properly dispose of the waste. Glad I found this site.

My wife looked at this machine and thought…”how does this clean anything?” After she read and understood the process, she was sold as well.

I’m starting to ramble, but I truly wish everyone here great success in their business endeavors!


Re: Hello Board!

I've done the same exact thing when i first discovered this board. Read thru all the pages, did the notes, that really works especially if you can keep it organize. Everything will sound even better once you get aquaintated with the terminology, and experience things hands than.

have fun


Re: Hello Board!

Hi Tommy
I'm Mark Dullea. I run the "Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business" website
( that probably led you to my Forum. You certainly have been doing your homework, which thoroughness should serve you well if/when you decide to actually get out there and "do it". You will find the Challenger an ideally sized machine for doing residential work, and I use it on a number of my commercial jobs as well. If you reach the point of doing a lot of sizeable commercial jobs, the recently introduced Challenger MAX will make quick work of these jobs. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Re: Hello Board!

Thanks Mark and for this board. I'm learning a lot and will certainly contact you when the time comes to purchase.