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Can I use fiber plus pads for agitation on burber and cut shage,in a residential setting ?

Re: Help

Always on berber; usually on the shag. If you feel that you're getting too much fuzzies coming out of the shag, you might feel more comfortable shifting to a green-striped nylon scrubber pad. Before you leave, if there are fuzzies lying about, your end results will look better if you vacuum them up. If your regular size vac tends to get plugged up when trying to vacuum damp carpet, try instead using a small hand vac from Dirt Devil (Royal) - the one with the rotating brush that is operated by the machine itself, not the cheaper Dirt Devil whose brush rotates only from air blowing onto it. It really doesn't take more than a minute or two more per room that if you had used a full-size vac, AND it won't plug up with wet fibers. But empty it frequently -
down the customer's toilet, or, into a plastic bag you bring along. (and wipe out the toilet if it gets dusty!)