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Green Marketing Tip

If you are offering chemical-free carpet cleaning via one or more bio-based cleaning products, you should try and get your business listed in the NATIONAL GREEN PAGES (NPG). The NPG is the one legitimate publication (online & in print) which really isn't just a mish-mash of everyone who is now trying to jump aboard the so-called "green" bandwagon. I've been listed in it for several years, and regularly get calls from people who have seen my business listed there. Yesterday I did 3 jobs out of one call from it: a small restaurant (carpet & tile cleaning); the carpeted basement in the nearby home of the woman who owns the restaurant; and the basement of her next door neighbor. I admit it was kind of a long day, but I grossed (and netted) over $1000 from it. Plus, the restaurant owner took a bunch of my cards to offer to people who eat there. It's a semi-health kind of restaurant, so these will be people who are already "aboard", so to speak.

The NGP is run by Co-op America. Their website is Membership for a small business is $100. Definitely worth doing.