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Cleaning products

I am currently using the Orbit Natural carpet cleaner with the the spot cleaner associated with that brand, however that doesn't seem strong enough sometimes. I market my services as bio, and would appreciate any tips on different tools I can use, or different products, especially for odor removal, or difficult stains, right now I use a Challenger, and their stair tool for stain removal, I am also curious about encap versus just using the cleaner, I have never used encap, I would appreciate any help.

Re: Cleaning products

If whatever product you are using doesn't seem to be getting the results you had anticipated, add a few ounces more of the concentrate to your sprayer, and stir it in. But with OP, I personally feel that it is the high level of agitation you have working for you that is doing most of the work. You can't always bring older, worn carpet back to the way it looked when it was first installed, especially if it's made from synthetic fibers. Synthetic carpet fibers become abraded (scratched) and after being walked on for a while, and will no longer stand up as straight as they did when new, causing them to reflect light differently. They could be perfectly clean, and the more heavily trafficked areas will still look different from the areas which have received less punishment. You sometimes have to explain this to the customer who may have unrealistic expectations
about their 15-year old carpeting.

If you want to stay bio-based, AND perform encapsulation, you have just one choice: Encap-Green
from Vacaway ( I market all-natural cleaning, and I've been doing a lot with Encap Green over the past few months.

Re: Cleaning products

Hi Brandon,
If you visit the vacaway site, get the free sample pack that is offerd there. It will help with your spotting.