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Newbie with some questions

I am thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business becuase of the low cost and high profit potential. I have NO experience whatsoever in cleaning carpets, I wouldn't even know what kind of carpet cleaner to get. I looked on e-bay for a low cost cleaner and found a rug doctor for $200.00. Of course, it's used. Would a rug doctor be a good investment??? And what other things do I need to purchase to get started?
I am planning on just starting out by word of mouth, doing my friends and family's houses for free and if that doesn't get me off to a good enough start, I will consider other advertising options.
I have a small car for now and once I get the ball rolling, I plan to buy a small truck or van, cash. I don't like payments!!! or interest!!!
Any advice would be helpful. I am starting way fresh into this business and research on the internet and this post is my very first step.

Re: Newbie with some questions

Go with a challenger. Mark sells the set up.

If you want to be a pro you need pro tools. Would you let someone in you house to clean your carpet with a rug doctor?

Look at all the other forms and bb's and learn, read and ask ???

These are just a few links to get you going.

Good luck.

Re: Newbie with some questions

Hi Sheana. I'm the Mark that Joe M.referred to in the above post. I would have to agree with Joe's post that you would look kind of amateurish showing up at a paying customer's house equipped with what anyone could rent at their local supermarket. Plus, your results are likely to be on the amateurish side as well. Not sure if you have seen my website - I sell at the site a "Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business" Package of equipment, supplies, training materials, and back-up technical assistance that I believe is the best "bang for the buck" you can find on the internet. For under $2000 you will have everything you will need to start delivering professional-level carpet cleaning services.

Re: Newbie with some questions

Ok, well, I have done more research now and your answers are pretty well predicted, i just knew of a person who actually used a rug doctor and cleaned houses and carpets for a living and I kind of thought to myself it was kind of strange that she used a rug doctor when anyone could go rent it for the day for practically nothing.
Well, I appreciate your feedback and I will check out your website!!! Thanks.

Re: Newbie with some questions

Just trying to help you get off to a good start.
Good luck!