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Pet Stains + Booster

In The Year or so I have been doing this, have done mostly Commercial Jobs, the residential that I have done had alot of wool,not the places for alot of pet stains.Now in the yellow book,been getting more pet problems.Been using Oxy-Boost, with terry cloth and brush,then encapping with Releaseit,Punch and DS., then Oban.Have a bigger pet job and think I should use a emzine cleaner, but know nothing about them,was looking for some direction there.Also can the Z-bomb from Vac-a-way be used as booster for Releaseit?

Re: Pet Stains + Booster

Most of the Big Box pet supply stores carry 2 brands of enzyme products: Nature's Miracle, and Simple Solutions. Follow the directions on the label. While the enzymes can be thought of as "good" bacteria that consume protein-based matter, they won't always remove the yellowing that sometimes occurs with pet urine.

Re. using Z-bomb with Releasit products, I would run this question past Steve Smith at Vacaway

Re: Pet Stains + Booster

I like Bac-Out from BioKleen for protein enzymes. Vac-a-way has several encap products that are formulated to remove pet-stain yellowing but I don’t think that Z-bomb is one of them. Rick does not recommend using anything with the Relist products as a booster. As Mark said, ask Steve.

I did buy some CTI urine stain remover which works well and is essentially 30 vol Hydrogen peroxide. Also, do consider a spot claw. I have seen people use them with a shop vac. Finally, I don’t know about Oxy-boost but don’t ever use Oxy-Clean

Re: Pet Stains + Booster

Thank both of You,will take up suggestions

Re: Pet Stains + Booster

Wham from steve smith works good on pet stains and odor,But I normaly use Abstraction UR OUT from ccs. It also works very well on both stains and odor.