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Customers who stray

Having just returned from 2 weeks away, I had a slew of e-mails and phone calls to return. Prior to leaving, I made sure that the key person at my answering service knew that I would be away, and for how long, and asked that that info be given to all who answer phones and take messages for her. That way, people calling me would be told what day I would be back, and that I would call them right away after coming back. I also set up an "out-of-office" message on my e-mail system giving out the same information.

I have one customer, a nice older lady who has been a customer for the better part of ten years. She runs a doggie day care service out of her home. Unfortunately for her, her house has all white carpeting, and for whatever reason, the dogs in her care seem to manage to roam freely throughout the house, with the expected results. She calls for service about 4 times per year, and every job involves A LOT of pet stain scrubbing and overall deodorizing. She had called me the day before I left on my trip, hoping I could come right over. When I told her that I would be away until June 16, she said I should call her ASAP upon returning, which I just did.

She then very apologetically told me that, due to the odor, her daughter - who had come to visit one day - urged her strongly to call someone else, immediately.
Which she did. She got the number of a Stanley Steemer franchise out of the phone book about a week ago, and had them come over. She said at the time they finished and left the house that she thought they had done a good job. They told her that everything would be fully dry in just a few hours.
She told me that it stayed wet or at least damp to the touch for at least two full days, and that the stains began to re-appear on about the 3rd day. Most of the stains have returned, she told me.

I explained to her about wicking - that even when a carpet's fibers FEEL dry to the touch, there can still be a lot of moisture down in the base of the carpet. As it gradually evaporates, it "wicks" or pulls some of the deep-down soil up the recently cleaned fibers, resoiling them. She is very upset. I told her that she should call the company, tell them of the results and of her dissatisfaction, and try to get her money back. But she is the kind of person who I think would be made very uncomfortable doing this, even though she's in the right. She apologised to me again. I told her it was unnecessary. And she has made an appointment for me to come again in a few weeks.

Just another example of how OP cleaning beats the pants off of "steam" cleaning.