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vacuuming carpet fuzzies

What is the best way to post vacuum all the fuzzies from a freshly cleaned carpet. I always post vac, but, the damp fuzzies really can get clogged in my vac. plus, if i don't change my bags almost every time, vac lets off mildewy smell. just wondering what everyone else does, if theres a magic way to do it. thanks
Bill Y

Re: vacuuming carpet fuzzies

I'm not much of a pad cleaner on residential as I normally use HWE on that, but I have done a bit of it and my approach has evolved to post vacuuming with a tad bit of a delay to give the carpet a few minutes to dry some. Plus, if you're finding your freshly cleaned carpet to be damp enough to need more than 20 minutes to dry enough to vacuum with no difficulties, I wonder if you might be using too much prespray, or over wet pads?

Smebody with more experience will be along in a few.

Re: vacuuming carpet fuzzies

i tried post-vac'ing with a new bissel clearview and clgged it up 1st time.

i now always use my yellow dyson and it NEVER clogs.

so maybe it depends on the vac.?.

Re: vacuuming carpet fuzzies

If I may add....try raising the beater bar to just skim the top of the carpet fibers on the post vac. You really should just need to set the pile and pick up some fuzzies. You shouldn't need to dig down into the pile. That should have been done on the prevac.

Re: vacuuming carpet fuzzies

excellent point Marc...i forgot to type that...THAT is what ruined my new Bissel and is why i much prefer my automatic height adjusted yellow Dyson so that i dont have to adjust it...the Dyson always is at the perfect height for my pre and post-vac'ing.

Re: vacuuming carpet fuzzies

I think I've used 5 different vacuums, and all of them have clogged at least once or twice. I stumbled across a great feature that my Lindhaus happens to have that really helps. The baseplate comes off very easily just by twisting 3 plastic things with your hands, then you can suck out the clog with the hose and I'm back in business in less than 5 minutes.

I had a dyson dc-17 and it was a nightmare, apparently the dc-07 is much more friendly for post-vac. I have a hoover windtunnel and had an oreck xl commercial and those are both nightmares for post-vac.

I recommend getting a vac with manual height adjustment and an easily removable baseplate and either keep a small shop-vac around or have onboard tools to deal with the inevitable occasional clog.

One other thing, are you using cotton pads? If so, try gladiator pads, they give off FAR less fuzz out of the carpet. After cleaning when I look at the vac bag if the vac bag is wet it probably means I used a bit too much moisture.